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Jobs in hotels and spas are considered the happening thing in the generation next. Students and even fresh graduates opt for jobs in hotels and summer jobs in hotels and spas. Spa training courses are available in many private institutions and are a good source of earning if you are planning to take it up as a full time career. The origin of spa is not recent. In olden days spas used to be near natural springs offering holistic wellness treatments to people visiting. Spas are related with healing and curing process with a feel of luxury attached. The Romans started the use of spas like a wellness centre by taking steam or hot air bath, soaking in spring water, getting soft body massage, or a cool dip in natural water.

Well planned spa hotel or spa resort

There has been quite a lot of development in hotel and spa planning and construction lately. The luxury and wellness factor being at the canter of it all which also is the marketing tool. Though making and running a successful spa is a tough job in the ever increasing competition, proper planning and implementing of various processes and procedures, maintaining the flow of activity, knowledge of latest spa, gym and therapy equipments, space planning, and lay outs will do the job just fine. The planning team would generally consist of: interior decorators, technical resources, and facility planners. Such places make jobs in hotels a fun activity along with a source of employment. To find jobs in hotels and spas one needs to be properly trained and if you have some past experience it will land you in a high profile place with celebrity clients to your disposal.

Role of staff in spa

Your staff could be the key to run a successful spa. After all without getting trained and qualified staff, no clients can be satisfied in this business.  Each employee needs to be qualified in different therapies, operations, massages and processes. There are various types of massages like Thai, Swedish, deep tissue; water therapies include flotation, Jacuzzi etc. Spas also offer yoga sessions, acupressure, acupuncture, water therapy etc. Spas are divided into three categories as day spa, specific therapy spa, and destination spas where guests can stay, entertain themselves and enjoy a range of pampering treatments. Then there are medical spas offering medicine based treatments.

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