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A simple wireless remote control switch is something that is present in every household today. Most people take a simple wireless remote control switch to be complicated technology and think that it can only be created by people who are employed in electrical engineer jobs. Resultantly, these people are very surprised when they are told that it can be built from scratch for any electrical device at home. In fact, the following are the instructions for creating a simple wireless remote control switch for FM radios.

1.  The circuit description of the receiver board:
The circuit of a generic receiver board bought from the market mainly consists of two halves and one connector in the middle. The first half consists of components like inductors, small disc ceramic capacitors, gang condenser and a 28 pin IC CXA 1619. The primary purposes of this half of the receiver board is to receive the signal transmitted by the transmitter and process it. In different words, the signal carrying the embedded information from the transmitter will be demodulated and decoded. The second half of the receiver board consists of the IC 810 along with its associated components. Herein, the retrieved information of the first half is amplified so as to be audible through the speakers. Effectively, this stage is also known as the amplifier stage. The generic receiver circuit board needs to be modified slightly for this purpose. The modifications include the replacement of the volume control potentiometer with a preset, replacement of speaker points with a buzzer coil and the addition of a flip flop circuit after the buzzer coil.

2.  Description of the transmitter circuit:
The primary goal of the transmitter circuit will be to switch the receiver circuit off and on. The design of the transmitter circuit will be fairly simple and does not require you to be a veteran of multiple electrical engineer jobs to implement. As a matter of fact, it would involve only one active component accompanied by a few passive components. Simply speaking, the configuration of the transmitter circuit will be akin to the Colpitts oscillator. You should set the carrier frequency of the transmitter to around 100 MHz. This carrier frequency can be simply used to turn the receiver circuit either on or off by simply toggling the power supply of the transmitter circuit. Even so, it is advisable that you use external frequency to double the range of the transmitter. For this, you can install a small COB or Chip On Board which will modulate the carrier waves to make them much stronger and long lasting. COBs are available in a normal market with a variety of information embedded in them. However, the content of the information embedded in them should not concern you because you will only need their frequency for this project.

The above circuit board descriptions only need to be implemented in the physical sense for you to have a completely working simple wireless remote control switch. Hence, it is more than evident you do not have to have the experience of multiple electrical engineer jobs to build a wireless remote control switch.

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