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Now-a-days, career in advertising field are growing leaps and bounds. There are numerous opportunities available in the media industry. As the day does not begin with a newspaper, it shows us that career in the media industry is having an upper hand over other fields in the job market. Jobs in Advertising are having a huge demand in domestic and foreign countries. Advertising jobs have a cutting edge career in the field of print media, electronic media, and advertising agencies etc. As advertisements are also called as commercials they are the most important medium to market any product in the market. Manufacturing industries can make any product but to reach the end user they require certain publicity through electronic and print media, and public hoardings etc. They make the product to reach the customers and attract them towards their product from the other market competitors. Advertising jobs include Photographer, Illustrator, and Public Relations officer etc. among all the jobs in advertising, the role of advertising manager takes the upper hand. Their role is to work with administration of the creative and media departments. They are also one of the most highly paid professionals in the market.

However, there is a huge competition for the professionals in the field of media. Only highly talented professionals can survive in this field. One should have good creative skills to get into media jobs. Again Media jobs include a lot of roles in the industry. Careers in this industry require a lot of skill that differentiate you from others. Then you can create your own brand image where you can further become a celebrity. There are also a lot of jobs in the Marketing field of Advertising industry. Advertising is purely dependent upon the creativeness of the commercials director who directs and creates all the advertisements. There is a lot of advertising agencies which provide companies, space for advertising in leading dailies, televisions and public hoardings etc. Finally career in the field of advertising makes an individual to be different from others. This field demands a lot of creativity. As we see many of the companies today are trying to make their commercials without the involvement of the public figures. Though they want their advertisements to be more interesting Vodafone has set an example by creating carton advertisements for promoting their mobile services.

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