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Attracting visitors with free extras is a good idea. We all like a little extra and so do our visitors as well. We should give them a reason to come back for extras using marketing tools such as an e-mail newsletter. You can also give out free content in the form of downloadable books, guides and reports. The email newsletter must be related to what the visitor is searching for and enhance your credibility. However, free does not mean lack of quality.

Newsletters and free downloads should contain your website URL. This is an alternative way to help you generate more traffic. When you give these free items, ask website visitors to give their names and email addresses. This way you not only will have generated more traffic, but you also build a list of potential customers.

Using all forms of marketing on the Internet is now a basic search criteria. E-mail newsletters are a source of information to visitors that is extremely important. Currently, there are about 200 million people on the Internet including about 34 percent who go online for information about products or services. So today, if you add the ability to obtain a newsletter to your website, you will see a significant increase in visits. It is not just the information you provide, but also that the content be regularly updated by someone working in a business-development job. The regular addition of content allows search engines to locate your site more often.

You can tell your potential customers what you have with a newsletter. Sending newsletters to your prospective customers is one of the best ways to keep them educated about general information related to your business and let them know about your services. In addition, if these recipients click on the links, they will increase traffic on your site.

Thus, the influence of the written word can allow you to create your own marketing tool that leads to increased traffic. A newsletter built around a product adds credibility and positions you as an authority in the field.

This allows you to go further with newsletter exchanges. All you have to do is find websites that offer products similar to yours and have a higher ranking. You can then contact them for newsletter exchanges. Paste their URL on your site, and conversely they will place your newsletter URL on their site. A newsletter exchange with multiple sites will help you attract lots of traffic from these sites to yours. This remains a cost effective method to attract more traffic in less time. In addition, it also improves the ranking of your own page.

If you follow these guidelines to generate more traffic, you will be able to increase your annual turnover and eventually you will reach a higher marketing budget to invest in other business-development job strategies.

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