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Administrative assistants, secretaries, executive assistants – whatever you call that one person everyone in the office relies upon, they are often what makes businesses run. Odds are, you may not even realize it. They possess an unlimited source of skills, experience and abilities. They keep things moving along at a steady pace and usually, behind the scenes. They can multi task, they’re smart, accurate and always dependable. They’re the ones who are already there in the mornings with coffee brewing and the last ones to leave, making sure everything from the lights are turned off to the alarm being turned on. You may rely on your executive assistant more than your engineers, marketing leaders or financial brains, but they’re the ones who receive little recognition.

You might be surprised to learn too, that a recent study indicates an executive assistant will change jobs fewer times than nearly any other profession. These folks are the ones who keep calm and have the ability to think things through, including the benefits of remaining steady with their current employer.

So what can a secretary, administrative assistant or executive assistant do to increase her visibility? There are many certification courses available and whether it’s a new career avenue or just the desire to improve a current position, these certifications are beneficial in a number of ways. Many are even pursuing degrees in business administration, marketing and public relations, says A. Harrison Barnes,

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