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So what does this new buzzword mean in the employment sector? And just what does that acronym “STEM” mean?


This is one of the fastest growing employment avenues and the best part is all of these fields are in big demand – and are expected to remain that way, says EmploymentCrossing founder, A. Harrison Barnes. While science and math have always been a part of most middle school and high school curriculums, many school districts are ramping up these courses. One study suggested that students who had not completed geometry and algebra by tenth grade, odds are, they would likely miss out on the opportunities as they progress through their educations. More school districts are adopting far more aggressive math and science course loads. Otherwise, by the time these kids reach college, it’s often too late. This is one reason so many companies are taking it upon themselves to introduce the possibilities that science, technology, engineering and mathematics to those kids who might otherwise miss out. Everything from sponsoring science fairs to introducing summer workshops are part of the many ways being incorporated to raise interest in these fields.

So why do these companies care? “Because on some level, everything funnels back to these four disciplines”, says the EmploymentCrossing. founder. Congress released a report in 2008 and in it, there were more than a few interesting trends, including the fact half of all engineers in the U.S. would retire as part of the baby boom generation. The problem, according to the National Science and Technology Council, is that the number of trained STEM professionals fall short of meeting the needs within the U.S. and if the current trends continue, there will be far more retiring than there are entering the workforce. “What’s so interesting about these revelations”, says the EmploymentCrossing founder, “is that the salaries for any of these fields are considered above average and have historically ranked towards the top in terms of best paying careers”.

Another concern on the horizon is the ratio of male and female STEM professionals. Microsoft says the ratio of women in these fields were already low, but it now appears they are further widening as more time passes. A. Harrison Barnes says all of these elements coming together can actually be advantageous for left-brained professionals who thrive in a world of numbers, formulas and scientific wonders. More companies are competing heavily for new graduates. Everything from paid continuing education courses to impressive employment packages to faster advancement opportunities are part of the negotiation process these days. And the more advanced your education is, the better it will serve you. Employers are looking for those technology enriched minds who can bring to the table the latest advances.

For the most current science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs, be sure to visit EmploymentCrossing. Here you’ll find job openings that are maintained in real time so that the information is accurate and current. Now’s the time to break into this exciting new career possibility and we stand ready to partner with you as you set out to make your mark.

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