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Finding a good job is difficult enough without stressing over whether or not your resume is the best is can be.  There are so many things to consider and you may find yourself asking the walls questions like:

  • Must resumes have complete sentences?
  • How can I be sure I have the best resume?
  • Am I missing anything?
  • Is a cover letter absolutely necessary?

Overwhelming, frustrating and even exhausting – these are all common descriptions we hear from those struggling to compose a solid resume.  This is usually when job seekers throw their hands up and finally decide to consult a resume writing service.  There are many out there – some are better than others.  And, too, there are those who have less than noble intentions for job seekers that turn to them. has a superb team of writers who are experts at putting together “get noticed” resumes.  A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and says hiss service was devised after seeing so many resumes that were sub par that came from so-called “professional services”.

So what should you be looking for as you set out to select the best resume writing service?

  1. Does your resume writing service offer any guarantees?
  2. How long has the service been in business?
  3. Does its administrative assistant resumes differ from an engineering resume?
  4. Is it a full service company?
  5. Does it offer employment services to help you submit your job resume?
  6. Is the website helpful?  Does it include helpful articles, tips and ideas for maneuvering the job market? and A. Harrison Barnes takes pride in its superb reputation and professional approach to all things job related.  We know how stressful a job search can be.  Our team of trained professionals works diligently to ensure each resume is carefully written and highlights those unique achievements that set you apart from all other candidates. The goal is to ensure your credentials are noticed and to get yours to the top of the stack.  Even in a competitive job market, there are many excellent positions available and we can help you locate them

We invite you to browse our site, take a look at our services and browse the real time job aggregate that’s updated in real time.  We know what defines a winning resume and we can show you how.  We also offer useful articles compiled by those who know the subtleties of the American job market.  We have interview tips, job strategies and tools that enable you to identify the job you were meant to perform.

Not all resume services are the same and once you see the difference, we’re sure you’ll agree.  Whether it’s a few tips you’re looking for or a complete resume from scratch, we stand ready to help you.

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