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GIS (geographic information system) is a technology which has evolved in recent years. GIS integrates software, hardware and data for analyzing, capturing, managing, and displaying all types of geographically referenced data. Through GIS one can view, understand, interpret, and also visualize information in many ways and forms as reports, maps, globes, charts etc. This system is utilized in remote sensing, cartography, land surveying, geography, emergency management, utility management, urban planning, localized search engines and navigation. One can find jobs on GIS under following titles: jobs as GIS Analyst, jobs as GIS Technician, GIS Data Specialist, GIS Specialist, GIS Mapping Technician, Engineering Technician, GIS Mapping Assistant, GIS Application Specialist, etc. Online job sites offer a lot of options in such positions.

Work Area for Geographic Information System
The need of online information in all sectors urges local governments to develop tools and strategies to promote their cities, recruit new business, and increase access to information that helps existing businesses to expand. GIS provides the web exposure to cities with a new level of international, national and regional exposure. Many cities develop a GIS system to publish and disseminate the city’s geospatial data within the city. GIS is used to attract new businesses for cities. Some cities use GIS to produce web-based property sites for their infrastructure development. As this trend picks up pace, jobs on GIS pick up demand and more technicians and specialist in this field are in demand. Though not very popular in the developing countries yet it is well known in America and much used by the government.

Career guide for jobs as GIS Analyst
GIS analyst develops database models and cartographical procedures for designing computer aided copies of a specific geographic location. This job involves more of planning and less of execution. To attain a job of this level one should have basic skills and qualifications on the resume. A Bachelor of Computer Science from an accredited university, Associate diploma in GIS is required for most of jobs on GIS. Strong GIS skills with two or more GIS packages; Macro / C / C++ / Visual Basic knowledge; understanding of math and statistical analysis; Oracle or related RDBMS skills; formal training or high level of experience with the system; analytical / problem solving skills and an understanding of the concepts behind data management in a relational database are some standard requirements here. The salary for GIS analyst can range from $25,000 – $60,000 p.a.

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