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As you demand high salary for an accounting job opening you need to simultaneously prepare yourself to answer questions like what is special about you; why I should pay you that much salary when I can find a candidate for a much lower price; how do you find yourself eligible for such a high salary or how will our company benefit from you.

Some candidates find themselves in a dilemma when faced with such questions. But then the dilemma is all about whether you should boast your skills or just give a genuine answer that will please the interviewer for the accounting job you have applied to.

While it is suggested that you do not boast too much about yourself in an interview for any accounting job opening, it is always better to justify yourself by putting across points which can give the interviewer an insight into your abilities. Though these questions sound easy, they are much tricky to answer because you cannot be too boastful and still have to satisfy the interviewer.
What would be your answer for questions like these? I guess you will talk about your knowledge, experience and education. But all this is already there in your resume and the interviewer knows about it because he has gone through your resume and probably you will also mention them while answering to the question, tell me about yourself?

So what else can you include in your answer to justify your high salary demand for accounting jobs, the best way to answer such questions is to present a case study about a situation where the company had benefitted after you pointed out an error overseen by others. Obviously you will not be able to present your case study at the same moment, a better idea is to either prepare your case study in advance or request the interviewer for some time so that you are able to prepare it.

Presentation is also a skill you need to learn while answering those questions for accounting job opening. Your case study might include both tense and relaxed situations but if your presentation does not match those emotions then your case study will be less effective. Hence you need to be expressive while presenting the case study.

Case study is one of the best ways you can show your subject knowledge and justify your salary demand for an accounting job opening.

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