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Performance evaluations are not at all a pain if you know the tricks of the trade! Evaluations are in itself quite fearsome! And then when it boils down to ‘performance’, we become even jitterier! Here are top tips to reduce and wipe out the pain associated with evaluations!

Reduce Pain Trick #1

Build a knowledge base. When evaluations come with respect to performance, you must have a robust knowledge of things around you. That goes without saying that you need to keep yourself updated always. Building a knowledge base with the help experience gained will help you refer to that when in need.

Reduce Pain Trick #2

Evaluate Yourself. It is better if you evaluate yourself rather than others evaluating you. Be critical of your personal evaluation. In that way, you’ll be able to know the areas where you lack and improve accordingly. This obviously means that you will be updated and will be able to keep yourself a step ahead of others. This significantly reduces the burden of performance evaluations.

Reduce Pain Trick #3

Dedication and Sincerity. For any work, dedication and sincerity is required. If any one of them is missing then – you’re in a big void of the unknown! Dedication and sincerity will help you rise in your work, in the process reducing the pain of performance evaluations. Not to mention the immense recognition that you’ll get from your workplace!

Reduce Pain Trick #4

Keep Your Boss Happy! Always be on the good side of your boss – it is a wise thing to do. That does not mean losing your self esteem in the bargain. Keep your boss in god humor and he will take care of your performance evaluation. Bosses like employees who listen to them and do as they are told to. Even if you’re better than your boss, keep the fact to yourself rather than going public with it! Avoid any kind of confrontation with him. It is very important that you stay on the good side of your employers. Being on the good side also means – being a great employee and an asset to the company – which is the next trick!

Reduce Pain Trick #5

Be an Asset to the Organization. If you are an asset to your company, there is no doubt about the fact that you’re one of the indispensables! What’s more, people who are assets to their organization(s) sometimes do not have to go through the rigors of performance evaluations at all! They being an asset to the company are proof enough of their performance! If you’re in such a position, know that you’re in a winning side because it is you who will rule the roost in the coming years!

Out of everything discussed here, the main aim as a good employee should be to be the best critic of one-self and continue to strive towards excellence in their field. Being prepared will give you the confidence to take performance evaluations well enough and fearlessly!

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