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The general trend that is seen in people who are in a job is that they want to become managers. Management has therefore become a lucrative calling for many especially since the money involved is higher than what they get as technical professionals. But the fact remains that an organization especially that is involved in manufacturing requires more technical expertise and a larger technical workforce than at those at the managerial position.  Quite obviously, things get very competitive here considering the leap!

A Quantum Leap!

Yes, leaping from the position of a technical officer to that in the management department is that different! One great advantage that you have over other fresh management trainees is that you already know the functioning of your organization from the very basic.

Since you’re in regular touch with the lower rungs of the company, you know exactly where you can bring in the change. Therefore it is often seen that the top brass is a bit inclined towards in-house technical professionals when recruiting for the managerial position(s).

Just taking the leap won’t do any good to you as it your career ‘re-defining’ decision. Sustenance is therefore an important attribute that you must recognize. The top ways of taking the leap from your technical professional work to climbing management stairs are given below:

  • By the Way of Examinations: Most organizations have this in – house talent search examinations through which you consider changing jobs. All you need to do is sit for the examination and qualify. The reason for these in house tests is that the upper half of the management pyramid believes that if people come to the managerial post from within the company itself, it will serve their cause better. Therefore as technical professionals you stand a better chance.
  • By Re-Applying: Agreed that you’re employed as a technical officer at the unit but then after getting another degree that dabbles in management, you can re-apply to the company; only that this time the post you’re applying for would be different. Many executives take this lateral sift in their jobs owing to more lucrative prospects and a more comfortable Job Opportunity environment (considering the pay hike and in office job). The lateral shift will come only if you get another degree (qualification), say masters in administration or business.The best part of this shift is that with the expertise and experience that you’ve gained via your technical posting and adding to that your new management degree – you become an asset of sorts to your company! If luck favors you, you can even get another job which pays you even more – in another company!

Proving Yourself: Organizations are always on the hunt for people with leadership skills. In your case, if you have a good technical track record behind you and even show the interest and inclination for managerial work – you will be undoubtedly considered for the job first. Dabble in small decision making situations and you’ll be in no time on the radars of your organization management!

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