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There is a popular story that goes like this. There was once a king who wanted to pass on all the knowledge gained from his ancestors and experience to the future generations. So he asked all his philosophers and intellectual ministers to write down the knowledge that could be passed on as concisely and briefly as possibly. The compilation was a real bulky book and was continuously trimmed and shortened until the king agreed on a single line of knowledge that could be passed on further. It was – ‘There is no free lunch’!

It is amazing how that is so relevant to the title of the article here. There are more myths existent today than anything else regarding free online job searches. An attempt has been made here to bust those myths and help you get you the actual scenario about the free job search market.

  • Free is the best: Many job sites that claim to have a free job search facility are actually faking it (no pun intended)! Not all, but most of such ‘free’ sites are useless when it comes to providing good jobs. All they provide one is with free Part Time Jobs or free internship searches! Internships are as it is available easily over the internet; so why use a dedicated job site for that? It does not make any sense actually! But some of the top free job sites give a decent enough effort of helping you get a job.
  • You can search on anything: Most of the free sites lay claim to another big ‘difference’ from the paid sites. Since they are free, most users are tricked into believing that they can find any job they want. This is not true. Sometimes, job openings do appear on the free sites’ radars but they are not in as much variety as they are in numbers. It is better to stick to self common sense when on a free job site.
  • Free Local Job sites are useless: Free job search sites may have fewer jobs on offer, but not all of them are duping people. If you stay clear of any ‘list-building sites’ that you come across, your fears can be safely rested. Free job sites in fact sometimes do a commendable job of providing jobs more since because they attract heavy advertisements!
  • The flashier the site, the better are the links: Another important thing to be wary of is the rampant proliferation of free newsletters and advertisements in your mail inbox. What most people don’t realize is that by taking your email IDs, they are only building their advertisement procurement list! They are, in this way, able to target many people in a single shot.
  • Free email IDs work fine: Keep your free email IDs limited to the social networking sites. Once you enter the corporate arena (even when you’re not employed), your employer expects you to be utterly professional and serious about your work – whether it is job searching or even working!

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