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If you are wondering about how to bag jobs that pay you over 100k then stop pondering this instant and browse through what we have to offer. If conventional and traditional job options do not appeal to you, try out the new alternatives that are remunerative as well as interesting.

Any work that pays over 100 K might seem a little difficult to come by, but all you really need to do is keep your eyes and years open for these odd jobs which are highly remunerative. If you want to secure a deal- an employment opportunity that will pay you 100k, then do look through the following job offers:

  • Air Traffic Controller:

These are the people who sit in the glass shaped dome atop a high tower and control the traffic in the air. They are also charged with the duty of sharing and forwarding messages between the airplane and the controller in the glass dome. The job keeps you engaged for a reasonable time span and pays you well over $100,000!

  • Restaurant Manager:

If you own a chain of business and manage them on your own, then you definitely earn a lump sum amount. But this is not what we are talking about here. We are discussing people who have been hired to manage the restaurant business.  The work assigned to these people is relatively less taxing for it does not involve taking decisions which has the potential to affect a lot of life in an adverse manner. This job is cushier and hence more comfortable. The only task that they are entrusted with is to supervise the proper utilization of fund and maintenance of the restaurant.

  • Pressman:

Being involved in the press can happen in a number of ways. It does not always mean that you have to go get the news. You can play an important role in getting it printed. All that will be required from you in this job, which might sound tediously menial to some, is skill and good technical know-how. Armed with these, it won’t be much of a trouble to bag a pressman’s job. Moreover, you start getting paid a princely sum of money as you stick on to the job.

  • Court Reporter:

Sounds boring? Probably it won’t sound so dull and unattractive an offer when you get to know that it is a job that helps you to earn over 100k a year. You need to be amazingly fast on the type writer and voila consider the job to be in your kitty without any further hassles. It sure is an unconventional job and considering that you will not need to travel out at all and that you will be able to work from the cozy confines of a chair, this is the job to bag. We can bet that this is the best job to put your sharp mind to use!

Post these guidelines 100K employment options will no longer remain a part of your wishful thinking. New careers that pay over 100k will surely be yours in no time! So go on and walk the unbeaten path.

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