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Public prosecutors carry out legal proceedings on behalf of the state. Public prosecutors holding a post in the judicial department fall under the jurisdiction of National Director of Public Prosecutions. They are required to perform a number of functions. These functions emphasized by A. Harrison Barnes owner of are listed below:

  • The public prosecutor is required to analyze if sufficient amount of evidence is available against the offender.
  • The prosecutor also decides about the various charges that can be brought against the person who is guilty of committing offences.
  • If he finds that the evidences presented are not sufficient, he might request the police to undertake further investigations.
  • The prosecutor is also expected to issue directives, prepare drafts of charge sheets, incase there is sufficient reason for trial.
  • He must consult with the witness before preparing them for prosecution.
  • He must put forward all evidences against the offender in a court of law.
  • The prosecutor must also produce evidence in favor of the offender, irrespective of whether it is detrimental to the state’s case or not.
  • He is responsible preparing drafts of legislation and shapes the governmental rules and regulation on the basis of the existing laws.
  • Before the impartial magistrate pronounces judgment, the prosecutor must address the law courts on intrinsic values of the case.
  • The duty of referring serious cases to the Supreme Court, falls within the purview of the public prosecutor says A. Harrison Barnes.

Those who are aiming to become public prosecutors are required to possess HIGCSE Grade 12. If you are aiming to get into any universities in South Africa, you need to pass matriculation with exemption. You need to possess the HIGCSE Grade with at least thirty points in 5 subjects on the UNAM score assessment scale. It is not very easy to get into any law school, as it is very competitive says A. Harrison Barnes of Sound background knowledge of law is required. Only people with sound legal knowledge can get into the legal profession. In some of the universities a three year course of B. jurist along with it a 5 year LL.B degree is being offered. On the grounds of promotional reasons, the public prosecutor is required to complete LL.B for becoming an advocate. The attorneys are required to pass courses from Justice Training Centre, in order to become a legal practitioner.

A professional and qualified public prosecutor is required to be extremely honest, well planned and organized. He must be very dedicated towards his clients. A public prosecutor is required to possess excellent interpersonal and communicative skills. Every lawyer possesses power and authority, which should be utilized for bringing about greatest good to the general public. This heady bouquet of authority and power should not be used for the aggrandizement of their own self interests says A. Harrison Barnes. By virtue of his position, he has the right to decide whether or not guilty should be prosecuted. He is responsible for carrying out cases of the state against the person who is accused. The public prosecutor thereafter has the responsibility of putting forward those evidences to further prove the alleged crimes. This process involves several steps such as, questioning the witnesses, cross checking for the offence committed and handling in exhibits.

The public prosecutor is not required to go out much, his job is mainly restricted to indoors says A. Harrison Barnes. The public prosecutors may prosecute in courts or undertake research on police docket in the office. They must carry out a thorough research of the given papers for preparing a case. The public prosecutors with in house training work for courts. They also receive practical and theoretical training at the Justice College. Before their practices, the public prosecutors must complete their four year course of LL.B. B jurist degree was introduced in many of the law colleges, as an alternative lesson. Once a jurist degree is completed the prosecutors can go for the LL B degree. Public prosecutors must be aware of their duties and remain loyal to the legal profession. It is their duty to protect the fundamental rights, freedoms, statutory laws and the constitutional guarantees; honor and dignity of the legal profession lies in the hands of the public prosecutors.

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