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Many lawyers can attest to the importance of joining professional associations as crucial to the success of their law firms. Legal associations allow lawyers to stay current with the latest legal trends while also remaining “in the know” of their fellow attorneys. More than a few new partnerships have resulted in two attorneys joining a professional networking group or association, says A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of; “Associations have always been a great way to socialize and network, plus it gives others in the legal field an opportunity to stay abreast of new technologies and other aspects of law that don’t specialize in”.

Another advantage of becoming part of an association is it gives you the opportunity to step into the role of community leader or if you’re considering entering politics, it provides the perfect springboard for jump starting your political intentions. At the very least, you may find yourself invited as a guest speaker to a group of divorcees who wish to form an investment club or a group of first year law students, and as we know, this could mean a long term professional relationship that you’d have not otherwise had access to.

There’s another excellent group you should consider being a part of: Here, lawyers from across the country come to scout the best new talent, locate and hire the right paralegal and even to post their own legal resumes. A. Harrison Barnes says it’s that streamlined focus that makes it an ideal resource for anyone in the legal field. Further, with so many newly defined areas of specialties, finding the brightest and youngest talent means including the winning strategies offered by Barnes and his team. It’s simply an advantageous way for legal minds to congregate with other like-minded lawyers. Too often, we become immersed in our own specialties and forget our peers might be focusing their careers in areas we’d not thought about in years.

Before you select any organization, you’ll want to be sure you found the right one. For many of us, we want a more definitive presence in our own cities and communities and a local organization is the best solution. Local organizations can keep you in contact with other lawyers in your community while national organizations will serve you well if you travel a lot and have the need for contacts across the country, or even across the globe.

Regardless of your reasons, joining a professional group has many advantages that can help you as you continue to define your own legal specialty. By the same token, can help you find the right personnel who will complement your efforts and assist you as you build your practice. Paralegals, other lawyers and legal secretaries can all be found on this award winning legal site.

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