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Taking into consideration the economical times we are facing in today’s job market, you want to make positive if a job offer comes your way. You are fully prepared to accept or decline the offer.

Prior to any job offer you probably had a full face to face interview. Did your research on the company and asked the person who interviewed you the important questions regarding benefits and other company policies?

You may be in the need for a career change or some advice from a career counselor for a more proper fit in your future endeavors. Depending on your circumstances making the right decision is the key element for the long term of your career choice.

Look at the company’s overall goal and see if it will fit into your goals. Understanding today’s Job market is very competitive it also means we should be making the choice that will benefit – you the employee as well. You would not want to change your career mid stream, just to realize that the job you accepted will have you back looking for work again.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when on your career search and if any offers should come your way. Ask yourself these simple questions: What is my actual job title and tasks? What are the hours I will be working? Is traveling to and from work going to create issues? What if the company wants me to travel? What was the atmosphere like during my interview? What are some of the company’s benefits and perks?

These are very critical issues you need to address at the time of a Job offer. If you are unsure where to seek the perfect employment seek a career counselor to help in your search. They have contact with Human Resource managers throughout the area and are well informed by the Employer as what is to be expected.

Be honest with yourself if the working hours are not going to fit into your daily lifestyle. Perhaps you are more flexible and that the company wishes you to be very flexible as well.

Benefits are typically the make or break the deal. Health insurance is huge benefit. Do they offer a secure 401K program? How long do you have to wait before they become available to you? These are typically the type of perks a company will offer if they have them. Some companies do not have any benefits at all.

After you have done your evaluation, or have spoken to your career advisor or career counselor and have made a decision. Be prepared with either an Acceptance letter or a Denial letter for the company that offered you the job.

It’s professional in manner and perhaps they may have a different position better to suit your requirements.

A denial letter will let the company know that you are not willing to accept the offer at this time. However should another position open that more suits your needs you would be willing to speak to them again. The company may in turn make you a better offer.

The acceptance letter also confirms you have made your choice and are willing to take the position. It may also allow you to add a few extra features that were not mentioned during your interview.

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