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Many young lawyers who are just starting their legal careers have always struggled with the overwhelming debt of their educations. Student loans are a significant part of financing most college educations and many depend on these loans to complete their training in hopes of a successful career in their chosen fields. While many believed they had a realistic idea of just how burdensome these debts would be after college, the truth is, few are ever truly prepared for what lies ahead in their financial futures.

Tuition costs at law schools have almost tripled in the past two decades and now average $60,000 per student.  In public law schools, this is a 17% increase while private law schools report a near 19% increase.  It’s startling, to say the least. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach, lawyer and founder of says it’s often a wake up call for these young lawyers who are setting out to make their marks on the world.  Unfortunately, due to many factors including the current recession, recent grads aren’t making the six figures they thought they would be during the first years of their legal careers.

Some law schools report average salary expectations for new grads; unfortunately, these numbers might not be completely accurate.  They rely on former students to fill out and return questionnaires, which is where they get their numbers.  Often, these numbers are only indicative of a percentage of those who actually took the time to fill out the surveys and they may not include those former students who are working on contract, part time or started out earning less than they had hoped for.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for a university to receive back less than half of the surveys it sends out each year.

So what’s a young lawyer, who’s eager to test the legal waters, to do?  A. Harrison Barnes founded in an effort to bring together every legal opening to one central place so that those searching for legal jobs have a one stop source for their employment goals.  Further, with a resume service that is by far one of the best to be found anywhere, anyone in the legal sector can truly fine tune their resumes while browsing the thousands of jobs added in real time throughout every single day.  Whether they’re looking for a jump start to their legal careers or looking for paralegal jobs, the sky’s the limit with  The word “streamlined” has just been redefined.

While the cost of tuition may continue to rise, the fact remains law firms across the country are always on the lookout for exceptional talent and brilliant legal minds.  The goal, of course, is putting those firms in contact with the right candidates.  While graduating at the top of the class is always a big advantage, not everyone can land in that coveted spot.   With as part of your employment strategy, your odds of locating that one dream position just got a lot closer.

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