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companies – they’ve all come under recent fire for everything from going bust and having to close their doors to charging outrageous fees for ATM uses. They’ve made some big money in the past few years and part of the reason they’ve pulled it off is because the recession has made us all crazy. Another popular decision many banks made was to allow their customers’ checks to clear – with those with the bigger balances to clear first, meaning they could charge NSF fees for several smaller checks if the account funds were low. We’re all, as a collective society, just now beginning to focus on the wake of what’s left behind. Now, the financial sector has a new worst enemy: the well armed consumer who has legal representation. That’s right. Consumers are seeking law firms capable of handling complaints that were falling on deaf ears as recently as a year ago..

With new legislation that was passed recently that protects consumers from all kinds of unfair practices from credit card companies to finance companies, people are gearing up for Round Two. Even those who aren’t necessarily demanding blood spilled on a courtroom floor are at least consulting with financial lawyers who can help them lay the foundation for approaching their financial institutions. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of says bank regulators are receiving record numbers of consumer complaints. And the number of banks being sued are on the rise too.

Many are asking if legal representation is really necessary as they face off with one financial institution or another. A. Harrison Barnes says depending on how far your complaint goes, having the right person who specializes in financial law can only help your cause. Because banks are regulated by different agencies, it can quickly become overwhelming when trying to determine who to focus your attention on. In fact, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve oversees state chartered banks and trust companies associated with the Federal Reserve System – and often, the strength of a law firm can move mountains, especially if it appears a lawsuit is imminent.

Many firms, including those found with job listings on, are bringing in interns for these very reasons. It’s great experience and looks impressive on a legal resume. It’s also an ideal way for a legal firm to put a young lawyer’s skills to the test. Think an internship would be a great advantage for you? Consider applying at You can get help with compiling your resume, take advantage of the article database, enjoy absolutely no advertisements and keep current with thousands of Legal jobs across the country – all in real time. Who knows? You just might the next one to take on the financial sector in an effort to level the playing field once again – either as an intern or an experienced and seasoned attorney ready to tackle the next big project.

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