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Whether you are just starting out in your career or trying to break into something new, and are looking for something where you will reap both personal and financial rewards, the legal field may be just the arena for you.

Due to the complexity of our legal system, there are a multitude of areas within this field and the degree of qualifications and training run the gamut. To say that there are diverse legal career options is an understatement since this field encompasses judges, lawyers of every kind of specialty, consultants, mediators, paralegals, and secretaries.

When it comes to this profession, there are open doors all over. The field is growing in leaps and bounds. There are tremendous growth opportunities in the legal profession and this is only expected to continue to rise in the coming years. And because so many major corporations are expanding internationally, law professionals are now becoming players in business globalization.

For attorney jobs, salaries are also on the rise; making the financial reward very satisfying. Among the country’s largest law firms, associates draw a starting salary between $150K – $180K; while partners earn in excess approximately $1.2 million. The salaries for non-lawyer jobs are also quite lucrative.

If you are a person who derives satisfaction from helping others, this may be another consideration for you since the underlying mission of the professionals in this field is to help others resolve problems. You may find yourself working with an international corporation, or helping a small businessman get started, defending an innocent person of an alleged crime, or aiding an abused woman.

Today, more and more, people in this field are specializing and within these specialties, there are sub specialties. You would be hard pressed not to find an area that interested you. For instance, in litigation alone, there are is a tremendous array, including employment law, family law, criminal law, business law, Intellectual property law, and dozens more. Corporate law includes tax laws, finance, real estate, mergers, and acquisitions to name a few.

With changing times, evolving technology, and more and more complex moral/legal issues cropping up every day, this field is a dynamic environment and the intellectual challenge that it offers cannot be matched. Lawyers and non-lawyers must be adept in communication, problem solving, defining issues, analyzing cases, and reasoning. A great deal of innovativeness is also required.

It may require a lot of education or training to get a job as an attorney; however, one is almost guaranteed prosperity. If we take a look at the past few decades, this is one of the few professions that have held in good economic times and in bad. As a matter of fact, even in economic downturns there are still foreclosures, bankruptcies, and reorganizations within companies and these all require a legal professional.

It has long been a truism that lawyers and non-lawyers alike are respected members of society. Legal jobs are considered dignified. It is also definitely a job with prestige with a degree of glamor attached, which the media only reinforces by their portrayal of lawyers on television and movies.

So if you are looking for a stimulating career and not just a job, you may want to look further into careers in the legal profession. Nowhere else can you find the same amount of diversity, interest, and opportunities that exist here.

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