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In January, 2010, former presidential candidate John Edwards finally owned to up to fathering a former campaign worker’s child. This, of course, after years of denying it and a DNA test that was never revealed to the public. Edwards released a statement to NBC news, “I am Quinn’s father….it was wrong for me to ever deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me.”

This latest scandal brings to light the importance of family law attorneys. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of, says family law practices in this country have seen an increase in paternity suits over the years. This is partially due to advanced DNA testing that allows definitive answers to the question, “Who’s the daddy?” Not surprising, there are many legal jobs on Barnes’ from legal firms across the country that handle paternity cases, child support cases and other family law issues.

Family law is an excellent specialty for new law students to consider, according to A. Harrison Barnes. Factor in human nature, tensions that generally run high and ideally, new bonds that are made as the result of some DNA test results, and these young attorneys are able to gain a skill set that just can’t be found in the college classrooms. It serves them well throughout their careers, regardless of whether or not they stay in family law or go on to build their law careers in other specialty areas.

It’s this mindset that drives the philosophy – to show job applicants every job opportunity available and allow the applicant to decide for himself. A. Harrison Barnes built this award winning site based on these beliefs – and they’ve proven to not only work, but also raise the bar for others. For Barnes, it’s all about empowering ourselves to achieve our “highest aspirations”.

What ultimately happens in the Edwards case remains to be seen; however, Fox News is reporting he has separated from his wife, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, it appears divorce is in the cards for Edwards due to his extramarital affair that resulted in the birth of this child, who’s now three years old. It most likely also means an end to any hope he might have had for another run at the U.S. presidency in the future. His decision to lie and bribe another campaign official, also married, into claiming paternity, has cost him far more than a political career. His background in law should have served to remind him secrets of this magnitude are impossible to keep and eventually are exposed. Whoever his legal counsel was likely tried to warn him of the repercussions of such a convoluted story. No one can say for sure what his mindset was when he began this circle of deceit, however, it’s clear he has emerged as the true loser. No political career, no wife, no relationship with a daughter he fathered and the loss of trust of not only everyone in his life, but his political supporters as well.

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