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With the recent mortgage embarrassment over the past three years, many lawyers are wondering if they should make the change and focus their efforts to the ever-growing area of real estate law. There are many legalities and areas of expertise these lawyers benefit from in this particular field. Closing attorneys are present during a home mortgage or refinancing loan closing and ensure all the necessary paperwork is signed and gathered, while other attorneys work to serve foreclosure notices for lenders and banks. Still other attorneys represent clients who entered into a fraudulent contract; with the high number of lawsuits currently on court dockets, it’s clear there are many homeowners who bought their homes without being aware of the scam that was being pulled on them and these lawyers are in demand.

Other specific scenarios include battles over possessions and land uses, landlord and tenant issues and the appraisal process that determines a land’s value. Even imminent domain issues are decided in this particular area of law. There are compliance laws for each state that must be adhered to as well. Oil and natural gas arguments can provide lucrative relationships for those who work for the major oil companies; however, it should be noted most of these companies are represented by the larger law firms.

Deciding on a legal career is not an easy decision, but focusing in on one area of practice, such as real estate, can be difficult on an entirely new level. A. Harrison Barnes believes working with a recruiter can provide valuable insight as you move towards narrowing your options. It’s important to decide which factors are most important for you and further, you must also consider the sometimes low salaries that accompany these areas of expertise. Once you’ve made the decision to transition, you’ll want to update your resume before you ever respond to any job opening. offers a valuable and award winning site that allows lawyers and others in the legal field to have their resumes updated by a team of professional writers who have extensive experience. Further, clients are also afforded thousands of jobs the competitors do not offer. Our clients’ access to these jobs have resulted in more legal job placements than any other site. Part of this reason is due to its focus being on the lawyers who are searching for legal careers and less on the advertising dollars other sites are concerned with.

So what else must you keep in mind? A. Harrison Barnes says one of your biggest priorities is to ensure you’re a good fit with the firm you’re interviewing with. If you’re considering branching out on your own, be sure to check the area so that you know if there’s enough business in the real estate sector to sustain you. Nearly 73% of all lawyers in the U.S. are in a private practice and most have only one attorney on staff. This also means you don’t have to limit your area of expertise to just real estate, but because it can be time consuming, you might wish to maintain the vast majority of billable hours to only one area.

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