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Final year at the law college is the best time to prepare for a placement in the law firm that you have always looked up to. Once the graduation is complete and you are out looking for an opportunity to prove your talent, you need to take some factors into consideration which will help you survive in the organization and find satisfaction in your job in the long run.

It is easy for a law student with good educational background and grades in school to go through the interviews. A. Harrison Barnes, CEO of suggests that second year results at the law school are particularly emphasized by an employer. Internships give you practical knowledge in addition to the educational background and can be an added advantage. This not only helps the interns to come in touch with the global platform in this age of globalization, but also helps them in networking. The more the professional contacts, more are the intern’s chances of getting into a law job. After all, in this competitive market, experienced lawyers are always preferred over the first timers by the employer.

The fact is that about 80% of the jobs in the markets are never advertised. The interns during their internship can come in contact with the professionals, collect info about the latest job openings and expand their business contacts. The organizational, communication and analytical skills are improved says A. Harrison Barnes. The recruiters while employing mainly looks for one’s verbal and written communicative skills, organizational behaviors, leadership qualities, and interpersonal skills. The internships help the law student to sharpen their skills and abilities.

The law students, who are pursuing their career in law, must ensure that they have a well written resume and cover letter. You can seek help from the professionals of Legal Authority, who help you to create professional cover letters and resume says A. Harrison Barnes. Make sure that your resume contains all the relevant data and information. Do not forget to mention, if you have undergone any special training programs related to legal activities. Your participation in the extracurricular activities and other certificates may enhance your chances. The law students who have engaged themselves in social activities are always preferred by the recruiters. It shows that the students are interested to further social cause and deduce measures for bringing about betterment in the society.

Make the cover letter precise and to the point. Your cover letter should include the reasons why you want a legal career. You can go through the requirements of the recruiter and create your cover letter likewise. You should be sounding confident and not arrogant says A. Harrison Barnes. You can also attach an application letter.” You can state specific examples of your various skills and experiences if you have, as this will increase your chances in the job market to a considerable degree.

Do not we weary of rejections; instead go on trying till you get yourself a suitable law job. Your persistency will definitely find you something. The process of interview can be both exhausting and exciting says A. Harrison Barnes. Before accepting a law job, make sure that none of your questions go unanswered.  It is important that your ideal job should help you strike a work-life balance. If the job does not give you long term promises, it’s time to look for a better opportunity. The annual salary is definitely something to be considered. The extra pay will, most of the times, mean extra work with extra efforts. Be prepared to make compromises in life unless a balanced quality of life one of your top priorities.

Apart from your annual salary, there are also other factors which need to be considered while you are joining your first law job. Unless the associate is satisfied with their law job or the work atmosphere, they cannot perform well says A. Harrison Barnes. Until and unless the law practices are regular, the associate cannot exhibit their organizational and interpersonal skills fully. The most important thing is you should – love what you do…. Access your goals and priorities before accepting an offer letter, since you are making a very vital decision of your life.

You can also seek help from the experts from elite law schools like George Mason University School of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, Catholic University, Washington College
of Law; LuEllen Conti, Columbus School of LawVictoria Huber. The professionals and experts can give you an overview about the present market scenario and assist you in getting legal job.

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