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While the country was struck with a recession, people were losing jobs and being left with lesser money to spend on their day to day needs, there was huge cut in advertising jobs like creative director jobs. As there were so many job cuts, salaries being slashed down and many other measures taken by employers, people’s spending had drastically reduced. This had left the companies with fewer dollars to spend on advertising. Some companies were considering advertisements as the first place to cut costs during the slowdown. Many companies had to avoid brand management and advertising so as to survive in the times of slowdown.

Now that the market is optimistic and revenues in some industries have seen an increase, advertisers have returned to advertising through both television and Internet. For this, they have been hiring for associate creative director jobs as well as digital creative director jobs. With Internet, advertisers are able to target audience from specific user groups and communicate to them effectively at regular time intervals. Also there are many tools available over the web to optimize as well as customize their marketing activities. Content management, pay per view advertising, and search engine advertising are new dimensions that have arisen from Internet marketing. As a result of this, more and more companies are going online as well as hiring people for their Internet marketing activities as well as for creative director jobs. Television and Internet are two such places where people from most target groups are known to spend most of their free time, leaving more space for companies to market their products to them.

Television advertising which in most cases is the most expensive form of advertising is again being adopted by marketers. Companies are again taking the opportunity to advertise their products on prime time and the advertising revenue are again seeing a rise. Though to see things back in the same boom, it may take a little longer, but for sure there is an increase in corporation’s advertising revenues for both TV and the Internet, why not they are both the most dynamic ways of advertising with their own strengths.  This has also resulted into surge of creative director jobs opening.

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