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100 K career opportunities exist these days and all you need to do is to look them up at the right place. The internet is the best place for those wanting to embark on high paying careers as there are several top drawer hiring agencies that are looking for people like you. You can choose from the top 10 100 K career opportunities that are available online to make headway into a high paying job in these tough economic times.

Sales professional

A 100 K job search will automatically throw up several opportunities for working as sales professional. Companies want their sales figures to grow and the people who can achieve the goals are rewarded liberally.

Air traffic Controller

This is a high paying job and among the 100 K vacancies that exist in the job market these days. You will be sitting inside a glass dome on a high pole and share messages between airplanes and the controller. It is a busy job, but plays well over 100 K.


Among the 100K job openings, the position of a pressman is one of them. It may seem a menial job, but there are loads of possibilities for earning big if you have the necessary technical skill and expertise.


Coaching a school team or a neighborhood basketball team is among the popular 100K careers. It is a professional job and there are loads of benefits as well even though it is risky and you could get fired if your team loses consistently.

School principal

With more funding coming in from the government for schools and grants being offered to families and students, you can look up openings for a school principal. It is considered among the best high paying careers with lots of opportunities in future.


Knowledge of anesthesia and the way to administer to patients can pave the way for one of the most popular medical 100K careers. You will have to work closely with surgeons and the average salary could go upwards of 100 K easily.


Surgery has gone hi-tech and if you are a qualified surgeon, you could be in for reckoning. You will be assisted by a robot as you perform critical operations. Even though operations are getting more and more computer controlled, you still have to man them and that requires expertise for which the pay is great even in these tough times.


Among the 100 K vacancies you can expect the position of CEO’s as well. If you have past experience running companies or have worked in an immediate lower position, you can apply for this post.


In these times of extreme stress, psychiatrists are doing fine and their earnings have also gone up significantly in the last few years.

Tech writer

Tech writers are in great demand these days and tech writing is one of the most popular 100 K careers.

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