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A professional search engine marketing firm works towards increasing the ranking of a website and has many small tasks to accomplish so as to receive its objective. What are these small tasks completely depends on the approach a firm takes up to complete a search engine optimization project on hand. Some small jobs related to search engine marketing can include keyword research, link building, blog commenting, social bookmarking, and blog commenting etc.

All these tasks do not need any supervision and can be done independently by any individual with knowledge of Internet and SEO. Hence often professional search engine marketing firms prefer to hire people outside the firm to do the related task. ShortTask has been especially designed to help these people to get the SEO jobs done at the most competitive prices. Another benefit of using ShortTask is that they can get skilled people to work for them at very low prices.

The firm can upload their small SEO tasks on the platform using the simple form displayed on the screen. However before posting the tasks the professional search engine marketing firm needs to decide what kind of task they want to get done; how it should be done and how much they are willing to pay for each task successfully completed.

ShortTask maintains that each candidate taking up the task needs to complete the task as prescribed by the firm. This ensures that the task is done in the same manner as required by the professional search engine marketing firm. If in case there is something missing in the task then the seeker has complete authority to reject the task completed. Also as the tasks are time bound they are automatically transferred to some other candidate if the task is not completed on time. This also assures that the firm will be able to get the task done in the stipulated time duration.

How much a professional search engine marketing firm should
pay for each task completed successfully is not fixed. The firm has complete freedom to decide on this and hence it can get a more expensive task done at a much lower price.

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