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When you are looking into Better Job Prospects or you are in a place where you want to get a leg up on your New Career, you will find that it is time to look into your handshake! Your handshake is something that can make a huge difference to the way that people see you, and you will discover that it can make a difference to the job or the career that you are currently applying for. Take some time to learn how to make your handshake make the difference. When you are in a place where your image and the image that you put out there is essential, remember that you should take some time to learn how to make your handshake something that will help you.

In the first place, think about the fact that your handshake is essentially your signature. In a culture where we do not touch often, you will find that your handshake is going to make a huge difference on the way that people perceive you, and it can do a lot to tell them about you. Would you want someone who seemed: shaky or shy or submissive working for your company? Unfortunately, you will find that there are many people with handshakes that say just that and you need to make sure that you are someone whose handshake says something entirely different!

First, start by making sure that you are keeping up eye contact. Part of having a Good Handshake has nothing to do with your hand as well. Remember that eye contact is important. Don’t look down at your hands the way that so many people do. Meet the other person’s eyes and make sure that you smile. A handshake is meant to be friendly and the more friendly that you can make it, the better. Eye contact that is steady and strong tells them that you are not afraid and that you are confident in their presence. Part of being comfortable with others can start here.

Remember that your handshake should be fairly strong, though you should not crush the other person’s hand. This can often be seen as something that makes you seem over aggressive. Take your time and work on it with a friend if you are curious. Shaking hands should be natural. A firm grip is important, but a painful one is not. Remember that your handshake should simply consist of a firm up and down movement. Do not pump the hand of the person that you are shaking hands with because that will be seen as too desperate or too interested in pleasing others. Simply grab their hand, introduce an up and down movement and then release. It really is that simple.

When you want to make sure that you are going to be able to get the Job or Career that you are interested in, remember that your handshake is going to be something that people remember, even if they cannot quite place your face. The work that you put into your handshake can make all the difference.

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