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How many job search sites have you searched before you applied to at least five jobs? If you find five legal jobs on one site then you are very lucky. Now, how many people do you think applied to those five legal jobs you just did? More then you probably would realize. If you applied to those five jobs and thought you were qualified then that is great. What are the chances that employer calls you back? Are your chances good or bad to receive a call back from that legal employer? With BCGSearch your resume will be sent to potentially hundreds of legal employers nationwide.

Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO, of BCGSearch has been in your shoes before. This is why BCGSearch was created, to maximize you hiring potential to not just five legal employers but to fifty legal employers. Many legal jobs go unnoticed so you are hoping for a call back from an employer who just received two-hundred resumes, that isn’t an ideal way to land a legal career. When you search a job site, it is you versus the hundreds of other people who are looking at the same exact legal job you are (it’s a battle that you have little chance at winning).

When you use BCGSearch you are working with a highly qualified legal recruiter who’s only purpose is to put you in prime position to succeed (that is finding a legal job that meets all your qualifications). Recruiters will be able to automatically pull up any and all position that possibly matches what you are looking for.

The database is also entirely searchable by you (just incase you feel the recruiter isn’t doing all they can). You may see a job that the recruiter didn’t think you would have wanted to apply for. It is a team effort at BCGSearch. In short, the BCGSearch database is the most advanced in all of the United States. The technology couldn’t function properly without excellent the aid of full-time computer programmers. Again, this is a team effort to help you succeed in finding a new legal career.

With the technology aside, the recruiters themselves are by far the best in the recruiting business today. You can’t run a successful company without highly qualified professional ensuring the business stays on track and will constantly improve by the day. BCGSearch recruiters come from all over the country from different backgrounds. BCGSearch recruiters have taken professionalism and dedication to their own jobs to a whole new level.

We always want to crown new champions in sports, it is what makes sports so interesting for us to watch. If there was a tournament or playoff then BCGSearch would be the number 1 seed and beat every other legal recruitment firm in business today. Harrison Barnes wouldn’t be the success he is today without people like himself – recruiters that understand what it takes to help you become a success in your own right. BCGSearch and Harrison Barnes has helped thousands of people find new legal careers over the years and will continue to be the undisputed champion of the legal recruiting firm.

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