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With so many problems airlines are facing today, it’s no wonder the need for top notch representation is at an all time high. Consumers are frustrated and feel as though they have no recourse. As A. Harrison Barnes coaches his clients, “you need to be seen as the cure”. Those words have never rang more true than in these times when the can airlines feel more like bullies than carriers for folks. If you’re thinking you might enjoy the challenges that are unique to aviation lawyers, but aren’t sure what kind of cases you might find yourself being presented, keep reading for a few common scenarios.

Crash landings are perhaps the most likely cases aviation lawyers tackle. Their goal is to seek legal recourses for victims and any applicable monetary awards. Crash landings are caused by a number of factors, including design flaws, air traffic control failures, icing, pilot error and even birds. Unfortunately, passengers are often injured and even worse, death can occur as a result of these crash landings.

While the airline industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors, there remains an incredible number of injuries to passengers, regardless of whether they’re awaiting a boarding call inside the airport, are attempting to board or exit the plane and even injuries caused on the plane itself. These injuries run the gamut and include trip and falls, overhead luggage falling onto passengers, impediments in aisles that present safety issues and many other scenarios. Further, pilot errors are up, including those who are discovered to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The discovery of faulty equipment on the planes themselves is also creeping up in the number of occurrences.

Still thinking aviation is the right avenue for you to take your legal career? Many lawyers in this specialty find it to be rewarding as lawsuits they file and victims they represent can often lead to universal changes in the airlines. If you’re thinking this just might be your calling, you’ll need a staff of experienced assistants, paralegals and investigators. is your one source for locating the most experienced personnel. Founded by A. Harrison Barnes, has an extensive database of support personnel with legal training who are looking for those same new challenges you are.

If you’re the experienced paralegal or legal secretary who’s looking for a new career challenge, has a database of legal jobs that is unmatched by any other employment agency or job board. It’s also a great place to team up with one of our experienced staff members to ensure your resume is as powerful and impressive as possible as you seek your new career.

While airline safety will always be a top priority, those who are on the front line to ensure changes are made in the spirit of passenger safety will likely find themselves in a rewarding career that has the potential to forever change this multi-billion dollar a year industry. Aviation lawyers ensure airlines are in compliance with all applicable federal laws and when they fail, legal recourse is often the only option.

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