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Lawyers across the country keep current on national events by following what many of their fellow attorneys are doing. This week, we take a look at the latest legalities in water laws. In early February 2010, Deputy Interior Secretary David Hayes addressed the issues and topics that were discussed at the 28th Annual Water Law Conference, sponsored in part by the American Bar Association’s Environment, Energy and Resources Section and the Water Resources Committee. The event was held February 17-19.

The program for 2010, “Whose Spigot Is It?” focused on water values and the changes since President Obama took office. Endangered species were highlighted and the effect of funding constraints has on them and those efforts being made to protect them – both on state and federal levels. Further, the media found itself in the spotlight when attorneys discussed the role of the collective media and how it shapes public perceptions of scientific developments, funding and other water related issues. This was especially interesting since the media has such an influence over the general public and its views on topics such as these.

Other interesting topics included developments on the U.S. Supreme Court level, especially those relating to varying laws and perspectives on drought management, an in-depth perspective of how other countries such as Australia, and its way of handling drought management. Finally, the long term aspects and future prospects of Native Americans and associated water settlements were discussed in great length. The conference, held in San Diego, was impressive and all-inclusive in water and water shortage matters.

So what does this mean for recent law school graduates? A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder of, says it opens up new opportunities for these recent grads to redefine their areas of specialty. It also provides a solid foundation for those established law firms to expand their own services, making it a great fit for those just now entering the law job market. Often, law firms take on pro bono cases on matters such as these. The conference provided many opportunities for those firms to expand their pro bono case loads.

Now’s a great time to consider law as a career, says A. Harrison Barnes. With more focus being paid to all things environmental related, more would-be criminal lawyers and civil lawyers are redirecting their energies to environmental issues. The ABA Section of Environment, Energy and resources has more than 11,000 members in a vast range of interests. This speaks to the dedication of many in the legal profession who remain dedicated to environmental law.

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