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While it’s true many of the obstacles women had to overcome in the 1960s and even the 1970s are no longer significant issues, those women who choose a legal career still face challenges their peers in other professions may never encounter. According to the American Bar Association, women account for nearly 32% of all attorneys in America as of 2008. This is remarkable when one considers that in 1930, less than two percent of American lawyers were women. But what does this mean in terms of securing employment in the legal profession? And do women face discriminations, on any level, in the one profession built to ensure discrimination does not exist at all within the employment process? The answers may surprise you.

A groundbreaking study was conducted in 2004 by DRI, an international organization of attorneys that defend businesses and individuals. The results revealed one of the biggest challenges for female lawyers is they’re not allowed the opportunity to be as aggressive and even confrontational as their male counterparts in litigation. Further, women lawyers report feeling as though they’re inhibited by the proverbial glass ceiling that keeps them from advancing.  One thing female attorneys have in common with other women in the work force is the expectations of American society. Women are still considered the nurturers and should shoulder the lion’s share of domestic chores and responsibilities. This, as one might expect, is more than a little frustrating and disheartening for those who dedicate a portion of their lives to pursuing their educations in an effort to make a significant mark in the legal field. As a result, women lawyers feel the right legal environment that allows them to flourish in their chosen career with no limitations, or at least, no more limitations than their male co-workers, is challenging at best and disappointingly impossible at worst.

Fortunately, and finally, the long overdue shifts are beginning to occur. The odds of women lawyers finding the right fit that allows them to bring it all to the table, so to speak, are increasing. As A. Harrison Barnes, an attorney and CEO of points out, graduating from a top law school is only part of the story. Remaining committed to finding the right position is crucial not only for your success, but for your overall happiness – in both your career and personal life. He goes on to say, “This is one reason was created – to provide across-the-board career opportunities for attorneys across the U.S.” There are those firms that excel in meeting the needs of its legal teams and its clients. No one should have to sacrifice one for the other, nor should anyone – men or women – discover they’ve hit the glass ceiling. Not only does it stifle employees, but it also limits the legal firm as a whole.

As mentioned, the shifts are beginning to occur, however it can be a bit of a slow dance. According to the American Bar Association, women lawyers still earn significantly less than male lawyers. In 2007, women were earning 77.5% of a man’s typical salary. The numbers improve with each report. It’s worth mentioning that in 2002, the percentage was 69.4%.

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