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Being charged with homicide is a life changing event, regardless of whether one is ultimately found innocent or guilty. The possibility of the death penalty is by far one of the most traumatic realizations for those charged with murder. Becoming an attorney who represents those charged with homicide is never done without a lot of consideration and perhaps even a bit of soul searching. Navigating the legal waters that include evidence gathering, locating and interviewing witnesses, and of course, interpreting the law,  is crucial and often, makes all the difference in a jury’s decision, therefore, it stands to reason criminal attorneys make their decisions for this specialty only after they’ve considered the responsibilities they have to their clients.

A passion for the law is what propels attorneys in this particular specialty. Dedication for righting the wrongs in our society, commitment to representing their clients fairly and faith in the legal system as a whole is a must for any attorney considering Criminal Law. The legalities associated with murder charges can be overwhelming, which only reiterates the need for dedicated legal representation. Events often unfold quickly in a courtroom where judges, district attorneys and lawyers negotiate charges, bail and other details associated with any particular criminal case. Let’s face, there are few things, if any, that are more devastating than being charged with homicide. Still, many lawyers dedicate themselves to fighting for those charged with murder or, perhaps, dedicate themselves to working for a district attorney who is as committed to fighting for the victims.

Charges such as these affect more than just the accused. There are families that are devastated and forever changed, mothers who want to help by providing less than honest information, wives, mistresses or husbands who have revenge in mind and children of both the accused and the victim. The accused will lie; the innocent will lie – all in an effort of finding justice. And it’s never wrapped up nicely in forty two minutes, there is no Jack McCoy to save the day and there will be days when criminal lawyers question their decisions in choosing a law career and will ask themselves, “I sacrificed all those years and for what?”  A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder of says, “It’s only natural”.

Homicide trials are usually extensive and at times, unpredictable. Ninety seven percent of those charged with serious felonies, including manslaughter and murder, have no idea of what to expect from one court hearing to another. This is why lawyers must remain focused, ethical and even compassionate. Regardless of what you decide, you are sure to find the right position at There are no advertisements, legal jobs are aggregated from sources around the country other job boards simply don’t have access to. A. Harrison Barnes created and its sister sites, such as, in an effort to serve his fellow legal minds as they define their career paths. Be sure to take advantage of’s resume service too. The professionals can help ensure your resume is flawless and can draft a cover letter that will have you in demand.

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