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The perfect way to lower that ever increasing utility bill of your household is the option of the outdoor clothes dryer. Though it may seem like a step back in time quite literally but there are plenty of benefits to reap from while using the outdoor clothes dryer.

Studies have revealed that the indoor electrical clothes dryer not only increases the utility bill but also contributes to the lion’s share of the electricity bill. To be precise about one third of the energy bill is accounted for by the electric dryers. The electric dryers are being used by a large number of residential homes nowadays which consumes a large amount of power to provide heat and dry the clothes.

As the electrical dryers use about four to six kilowatts of energy on a daily basis you are not only using up a lot of energy but also a major amount of your hard earned money.

The option of outdoor clothes dryer comes with a lot of advantages. Firstly the outdoor dryer helps to maintain the natural color of the fabrics since the sun’s rays acts as a natural bleach thus helping you to cut back the costs of buying artificial bleach. Moreover the natural sanitizer effect of this particular option kills the germs that are present on the clothes.

For people who like there fabrics to be stiff the outdoor clothes dryer is the best option because of the fact that the clothes that are dried outside seem to be a lot stiffer as compared to the ones dried through the electric clothes dryer. This helps to save time and energy required for ironing and the use of starch which actually degrades the fabric on many clothes.

There are a lot of different options available while trying to choose the correct outdoor clothes dryer. From the different types of outdoor clothes dryers available you need to keep in mind the following points to make the correct choice.

  • For people having limited garden space the retractable washing lines in wall mounted as well as the umbrella design is the ideal.
  • If you have limited washing to do the mobile clothes airer is the best option and for people having to do extensive washing the umbrella or the permanent rotary outdoor clothesline is the best.
  • If mobility is required the concertina styled mobile clothes airers are the best option as they are light and can be relocated with ease.

The basic points that you have to keep in mind while getting the outdoor clothes dryer are,

  • Consider the different outdoor clothesline option and do the necessary research.
  • Keep your yard space in mind.
  • Compare the prices.

There is nothing like the smell of nature and to have it on your clothes is the added incentive while using the outdoor clothes dryer. Go green today.

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