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How do you deal with the Monday blues? Employees have historically dreaded the Monday morning commute. They’re jarred out of their more laid back psyches from the weekend and often, they know the week ahead is going to be challenging, at best, says founder A. Harrison Barnes. For attorneys, they’re often faced with showing up to a court hearing on time and fully prepared.

Mondays also mean we have to readjust once again to the same old grind (unless, of course, you love your job and then it’s anything but unpleasant). Most of us, though, can absolutely relate to dreading those pesky alarm clocks on Monday mornings. Before you chalk it up to human nature, A. Harrison Barnes has a few tips to offer:

  • Usually, the worst part of a Monday is knowing you left things undone on Friday evenings. You can ease some of that sense of urgency by closing the loose ends before heading out Friday night. It might take an additional fifteen or twenty minutes, but your weekend will be much better if that’s not nagging you in the back of your mind.
  • Get there early. Another frustration is not allowing yourself a few minutes after arriving at the office to catch your breath, have a cup of coffee and check emails. When you’re rushed, it only adds to the aggravation level.
  • Brown bag your lunches on Mondays. Again, this is just another way to take a step back, catch your breath and prepare for what follows Monday mornings – which is Monday afternoons, of course.
  • Don’t schedule meetings if at all possible. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been in the same job for twenty years, you never get over the resentment you feel for Monday morning staff meetings. Save them for Tuesday or better still, Thursday.
  • If you’re travelling, encourage the company’s travel department to schedule your flights later into the afternoon. For one thing, if you’re flying out early Monday morning, you’re going to be scrambling at 3 a.m. to get to the airport on time. If your flight is scheduled for early afternoon, you’ll spend a few hours at the office pulling your hair out with last minute details that need your attention.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your manic Mondays a bit easier to tolerate. The founder offers one final suggestion: make Mondays your telecommute day if possible. Not all companies allow their employees to take advantage of this perk yet, but there is definitely a shift towards this trend.

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